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The Caring Economy Campaign

We are not accustomed to seeing economy and caring in the same sentence. Nor have we been taught to think of economics from the perspective of caring for people or nature. It's high time we did, and here's why. Watch the video

Six Steps to a Caring Economics

Discover six ways we can build an economic system that meets the real needs of people and the planet.

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Three Reasons Why We Need a Caring Economy

1: Caring is crucial. 2: Caring societies build stronger economies. 3: Gender matters!

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Brie Mathers, on the Work of CPS at Stanford's Global Innovation Summit

"The status of women is a greater predictor of a nation's long-term prosperity than GDP is", Brie Mathers says, citing work by the Center for Partnership Studies (CPS) and highlighting the importance of addressing the status of women worldwide for a hopeful future. Start at 4:35 to hear Brie's...

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This article was originally published on Management Today EMPLOYEE WELLBEING POLICIES ARE NO LONGER AN ‘OPTIONAL EXTRA’ BUT ARE AN INTEGRAL PART OF RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS, ACCORDING TO NEW RESEARCH   It’s been a difficult few years in many workplaces. Pay and conditions have been frozen or...

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Handbook for Implementing Caring Economics in Local Government

Social Wealth: Implementing Caring Econmics in Monterey County developed by CEC team member Natalie Cox at the request of a Monterey County Board of Supervisors member who is also a graduate of the CELP Leadership and Learning online program, provides a model for other counties and local, state,...

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New article by Riane Eisler on transformation to a more caring economy and society

Recently published in the journal, Kosmos: Co-Creating the New Civilization, Dr. Eisler's feature article Cultural Transformation: Building a Partnership World boldly and critically explores what is necessary for the move toward a more equitable and less violent world.

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Riane Eisler and Teddie Potter's New Book Now Available!

Riane Eisler and Teddie Potter’s new book on Partnership Healthcare, Transforming Interprofessional Partnerships: A New Framework for Nursing and Partnership-Based Health Care, is now available. Co-authored by Riane Eisler with University of Minnesota nursing...

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The Shriver Report: Unpaid and Undervalued Care Work Keeps Women on the Brink

Unpaid and Undervalued Care Work Keeps Women on the Brink By Riane Eisler and Kimberly Otis, Center for Partnership Studies   Women do most of the care work in families; they care for children, the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women devote more than...

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30 Million Coalition Urges Inclusive Economic Indicators from CPS-Commissioned Report

Urban Institute report sent to President Obama and Congress Key Findings Broad Coalition Endorses Report Recommendations to Congress Join Us in Endorsing the Report Available Spokespersons To focus our nation on what really matters in today’s economy, a coalition of organizations and individuals...

April 29, 2012|News|Read More »

Congressional Briefing Event: The Economic Return from Investing in Care Work & Early Childhood Education

You are invited to a Congressional Briefing on The Economic Return from Investing in Care Work & Early Childhood Education.  This briefing is brought to you by the Caring Economy Campaign of Center for Partnership Studies (CPS)  in cooperation with Representative Eleanor Holmes-Norton (D-DC)....

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